What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the application of needles to the body in specific places to elicit specific responses, nudging the body back toward health and homeostasis. 

All of us in our lives, will experience times of stress, distress, illness, and disease.  In these times we may need urgent biomedical care and maintenance, or just a chance to slow down a bit and get back in touch with our bodies and minds.  Sometimes it’s a bit of both.  Sometimes, one will require a bit of both to really get past a medical event or challenge.  Acupuncture isn’t necessarily a choice to forego western medicine.  A good deal of the time, acupuncture really complements western medical treatments and protocols.  When I first started practicing, I focused entirely on oncological support, helping patients deal with the ravages of chemo therapy and multiple surgeries.  As time went on, I let in other patient populations such as fertility patients, pain and injury cases, people with anxiety, depression, etc.  The breadth of what is possible to treat with Traditional East Asian Medicine really is incredible.  Whether you have cancer, your back hurts from picking up and putting down your toddler a million times a day, you are stressed about challenges at work, you are having trouble conceiving or keeping a pregnancy, you have allergies, a meniscus tear, or any of the other many things that can go wrong in the human biome, Acupuncture will help your body help itself.   There is an innate wisdom of the body to repair itself given the correct parameters.  Acupuncture is about getting back to those parameters.

I’d love to hear your story.  How is it for you, in your particular body?  What are the things that are “normal” per your physician, but still don’t feel quite right to you?  What major medical event are you going through?  Can I help you with your process or side effects?  I bet I can.

If evidence-based things are your jam, please check out the link below which lists conditions that have been proven through controlled trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture

WHO link: